Start new year with Easy!

Start new year with Easy!

In 2024, we are once again poised to be the #1 supplier for SMEs and government agencies with our Fleet Management and Safety products. Our focus this year will be on sustainability, efficiency and safety. How are we going to do that?


Fleet management customized for your business:

Efficient fleet management is critical for any business. Optimizing your fleet can generate cost savings, increase productivity and improve safety. At Rietveld, we offer customized fleet management solutions that fit the needs of your business.

We are proud of our team of experts who are ready to help you manage your fleet in a very personal way. From mapping your current situation to implementing advanced hardware and software solutions, we make sure your fleet and/or equipment fleet is easy to manage.


Safety above all else:

Security is an absolute priority within every company. Protecting your employees, property and the environment in which you work is essential to the success and reputation of your organization. We have a wide range of safety products to help create a safe working environment.

Our EasySafety products range from 360-degree cameras and reversing cameras to warning systems. Using these technologies, you'll proactively reduce risk, prevent incidents and provide peace of mind to your personnel on the road.


Working sustainably for a better world:

For Rietveld, working sustainably is a "must. We want to offer environmentally friendly solutions that are good for our planet! A nice bonus is that these also generate substantial cost savings for your company.
Our EasyDrive system records actual consumption and CO2 emissions and offers the possibility to coach drivers to drive in a more environmentally friendly way. In addition, EasyTrack will offer CO2 reports that comply with the legal obligation to register CO2 emissions that comes into force this year.


Our promise:

We are committed to excellence in fleet management and safety/safety products. Our goal is to provide you with the best service and solutions that meet your specific needs.

To achieve this, we need you too. We are always open to feedback and suggestions so that we can continuously improve. Together we will make this year a successful year in fleet management and safety! We look forward to working with you (again).


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