Dutch UIC Uganda

Pass on what you are good at

1c. Dutch UIC OegandaKnowledge is there to be shared and we, at Rietveld, believe that we can use our knowledge to be the helping hand of the companies in need of help. We work together with other organisations with the view to stimulate the agriculture in particular and the economy in Uganda, generating jobs and wealth. No adhoc solutions but we have embraced a vision and a strategy to fight poverty and develop a stable income. Within the framework of this cooperation, there is an investment in the agriculture project of Kumi Hospital Agro Park, with which we want finally to combat malnutrition, one of the largest causes of health problems in this country.

The UIC was founded in July 2011 and was born from a group of Christian enterprises in cooperation with the Dutch Foundation “Woord en Daad”. The other UIC partners are:

Would you like to contribute to the development of agriculture in Uganda or you want simply more information? Please see the website of Uganda Investment Corporation.