Sustainable business

Corporate Social Responsibility

Quality and market awareness are of great importance to our company and employees, therefore we have set high quality standards for ourselves.
Based on various disciplines within our company in the field of business processes, environment and staff, Environmental and Quality System procedures have been implemented. Our policy is aimed at the fulfilment of agreements and the established procedures, as well as our clients and partners wishes.


We have tested our organisation and way of working in accordance with the established ISO standards, which granted us an ISO certificate 14001:2015 award of the, environmental management system and the ISO 9001:2015-certificate for our business processes quality.

Lean & Green Award

Since March 2014 Rietveld has been in possession of the certificate Lean & Green Solution for fuel management system EasyDrive. EasyDrive has been named Lean and Green Solution, because it has been shown that considerable savings on fuel and vehicle costs are realized by using this solution.

Lean & Green is a stimulus program for companies and government, which is carried out by Connekt. It stimulates organizations to grow to a higher level of sustainability, by taking measures that not only generate cost savings, but also reduce environmental impact. To help companies with the savings targets, the Lean and Green Solutions have been created. These are products or services of which Lean and Green is certain that they can help companies reduce costs and CO2 emissions.

Rietveld Foundation | ANBI-recognized good cause

The Rietveld Foundation supports promising initiatives that increase self-reliance, with education as a starting point, through which one learns to stand on its own feet. This allows people to contribute to a stronger community. The Rietveld Foundation has had ANBI status since 2017 and is therefore a charity recognized by the Dutch tax authorities. This means that the foundation functions without overhead costs. Every cent of the contributions that the Rietveld Foundation receives is therefore fully invested in the projects.

Environmental Barometer

Rietveld has been using the CO2 meter in the Environmental Barometer for years to map its CO2 footprint and draw up an annual CO2 reduction plan.

Rietveld and the GDPR

Rietveld is careful with Privacy-sensitive data and is therefore fully GDPR-compliant.


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