Rietveld Foundation

The Rietveld Foundation supports promising initiatives that increase self-reliance, with education as a starting point, through which one learns to stand on its own feet. This allows people to contribute to a stronger community.

Knowledge is there to share
At Rietveld Foundation we believe that with our knowledge we can contribute to companies that need a helping hand. We therefore work together with other organizations to stimulate the agriculture and economy in Uganda, with the aim of generating prosperity. No ad hoc solutions, but with a vision and strategy to combat poverty and develop a stable income. In the context of this cooperation, investments are being made in agricultural projects, one of our projects is the Kumi Hospital AgroPark, with which we ultimately want to combat malnutrition, one of the biggest causes of health problems.

The Rietveld Foundation was established following a rapprochement of an NGO (Non Goverment Organization) for money donation. The aid organization expected a substantial business contribution each year and would spend this money somewhere where it thought it was necessary, Rietveld could not agree with this and thought an more commercial approach would be a better solution.

Recognized charity with ANBI quality mark
The Rietveld Foundation has had ANBI status since 2017 and is therefore a charity recognized by the Dutch tax authorities. This means that the foundation functions without overhead costs.
Every cent of the contributions that the Rietveld Foundation receives is therefore fully invested in the projects.

More information?
Read the latest news about the Rietveld Foundation on the foundation’s website.

E: info@rietveld.nl

T: +31 (0) 184 65 29 10