We take it at face value that we are not the best in everything. Each organisation specialises in a particular field but the art is to make use of each other’ strengths and join them. Therefore, we are proud to work together with the following partners to optimise our services:

Trip Software

Trip Software provides specific software for coach companies and / or tour operators. The Trip software consists of various modules. All functions are fully integrated with each other, and also with the on-board computers from Rietveld, so you only need to enter data once.


EasyTrip is the transport software for container carriers. Since 2015, thanks to close cooperation between Rietveld and EasyTrip, there is a good link between the EasyTrip system and our EasyTrack system.

Harrewijn Fuel management

Harrewijn brandstofmanagement provides creative solutions concerning fuel reduction. With the aid of Harrewijn, companies active in the civil engineering -and logistics sectors are able to permanently lower their fuel costs. Harrewijn achieves this by producing clearin sight in vehicle data and aiming for a change in the behaviour of drivers.


LogicWay is a dynamic and flexible company from Oldenzaal (Netherlands). Driven by our motto "get more out of your on-board computer data", we have made our core business of hour processing and ride reporting. LogicWay develops and supplies software products for the transport market, and in particular professional transport.

Impaqed Products

Impaqed Products BV in Apeldoorn is a supplier of numerous products mainly in the automotive field and specialist in the field of tire pressure systems (TPMS). Our range of TPMS systems is very wide and runs from different models for passenger cars (with or without trailer) via motorcycles and buses, through to specialist truck systems. In addition, systems with data communication port for on-board computer connection or Track & Trace system. For all systems, they offer unique features for such an attractive price that you earn back the purchase very quickly.


Viloc is the solution for Tool Tracking and Automated Tool Management. We provide smart, ruggedized transmitters for construction tools (such as: drills, grinders, safety equipment, etc.).


CANGO is specialized in the development of products and solutions for CANbus and vehicle data signals. The product portfolio of CANGO makes for a complete, competitive offer of solutions validated by successful implementations both on the internal and international market. CANGO provides innovative and integrated solutions for a different range of industries like logistics, transportantion, construction or agricultural. CANGO offers high performance implementation of CANbus protocols like J1939 and data networks based on J1708, ISObus and K-line.

Squarell Technology

Squarell is specialized in CANbus and vehicle data signals and develops and produces products and solutions for CANbus and vehicle data processing. We have a vast experience in automotive applications and knowhow in interpretation of vehicle signals. Our portfolio is used in automotive, telematics, industrial and off-road. Squarell is based in the Netherlands (Europe), near the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Our customer base spans all continents.


Tconsult is THE independent specialist in Smart Logistics Solutions.

T Comm Telematics

T Comm Telematics is a specialist in real-time wireless data capture, recording and providing real-time insight into the location and status of trailers and the condition of their loads. Our solutions are used across the world to transport food (foodstuffs, fruit & vegetables, fish, meat, etc.), flowers and plants, pharmaceutical products, chemicals and cattle. And our services go beyond monitoring your freight; our fully integrated systems can help you optimise your business processes. We use our innovative capabilities, expertise and focus on customer care and excellent service to optimise the business processes of European haulage companies that transport temperature-controlled loads.


Garmin is the Global Leader in Navigation and you benefit from a wide-range of sat navs to suit your needs as well as unique features such as Real Navigation and Digital Traffic. However it’s not just about the great driving experience, we pride ourselves on the service and support we deliver, including making the maintenance of your devices easier with our Fleet Updater Tool.
Garmin works together with Rietveld on the Efficio3 On Board Computer. Garmin navigation systems are also available in the Rietveld Web Store.