EasyTacho | Tachograph management

Does your organization also have problems with the effective reading and storage of driver data from the driver card? With EasyTacho from Rietveld it is possible to read your digital tachograph remotely. EasyTacho is the solution for large transport organizations, with an extensive vehicle fleet. Also as a charter or small transport company the EasyTacho is the ideal support to simplify the reading and storage of your data!

Read digital tachograph remotely
The data of the digital tachograph is legally required once every 28 days (driver pass) and once every 90 days (mass memory) to download and archiving in accordance with the retention obligation for a period of 24 months. The manual reading involves a large number of actions that cost time and money. EasyTacho helps your organization considerably simplify this process and thereby save time and money.

Read the tachograph and driver's pass behind your desk
With EasyTacho Remote Download you can simply read your digital tachograph and driver cards from behind your desk. You can download this data at any time via the internet. The driver does not have to perform any actions or interrupt his journey. The reading can also be done while driving.

EasyTacho offers you even more
Checks on compliance with the driving times decision are intensified and fines can become very high. With EasyTacho Complete you have access to the latest data from your drivers and vehicles, such as the current position and the driving time budget, via the internet at a glance. You will also be alerted in good time to (imminent) violations, so that you can anticipate this quickly.

EasyTacho Complete actually helps you to avoid fines. Are you in possession of only one driver card or does your organization know many drivers? EasyTacho helps your organization in various ways and can be combined with all kinds of modules from Rietveld. When will you read your digital tachograph in an easy way? Request more information quickly!

“Thanks to EasyTacho from Rietveld we save a lot of time, because we no longer have to go with a stick along the buses. Ruud van der Marel, director of SnelVliet Touringcars”

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