Efficio SmartApp for Mobile

Charters op Efficio App

With the Efficio SmartApp, which in terms of operation is the same as the Efficio on-board computer, Rietveld offers an effective solution to carriers and logistics service providers that also use charters and want to integrate seamlessly with EasyTrack. This app is an addition to the logistics process and is based on the Android operating system. The SmartApp is to install on a smartphone or tablet.

To achieve optimal efficiency in your operational processes, messaging, hours and activity accountability, and possible integration with your TMS package are fully supported in the Efficio SmartApp. An additional benefit is the integration with other features of the unit, e.g., the use of the installed navigation Efficio SmartApp.

For other functionalities such as the registration of CAN-bus data and operating hours, a vehicle bound system extension is then required. In this way Rietveld offers you the flexibility of a vehicle and not a vehicle-bound fleet management system, though each has its own application and benefits. Certainly, a combination of both applications is possible within the EasyTrack integral platform.

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