On-board Computers

On-Board Computer System customized to your wishes

Every company is unique, that is why Rietveld offers customized solutions in all its solutions. This is also the case in our on-board computer solutions. For convenience we divide this into three main groups; the Efficio3 onboard computer, the Efficio Coach - specifically for Touringcars and our Efficio SmartApp for Mobile. There are numerous additional options per category, so whatever solution you choose, you have exactly what you are looking for and only pay for what you use.

Efficio3 for Transport

Efficio Coach | On-board Computer for Touringcar-companies

Efficio SmartApp for Mobile

“Rietveld is a no-nonsense company and is close to the customer due to the short communication lines. Ruud van der Marel, director of SnelleVliet Touringcars”

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