EasyTrack | Fleet management

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

A2. EasyTrack Fleetmanagement Like any conscious entrepreneur, you want your organization to run smoothly and that you want to fully understand your business processes and resources at any time.

To achieve this, you should use a modern and user-friendly fleet management system with the convenience of the latest technology. In contrast to the traditional and often expensive on-board computer systems, EasyTrack of Rietveld is smart, efficient, scalable and very user-friendly.

Furthermore, you are price and quality conscious and you with EasyTrack, you will have a full on-board computer system and a short payback period.

Higher customer satisfaction, better service and lower cost are the result.


The EasyTrack platform

The Web-based software of EasyTrack is goal-oriented, user-friendly, clear and intuitive. It has no limited number of connected units or users and it is customised to the hardware used in the vehicles.

EasyTrack is your online environment in which you can switch between, among other things, the map with the locations of your vehicles, the communication with your drivers, the tasks performed and the open and the reporting environment.


A modular fleet management system

Rietveld’s EasyTrack offers the fleet management solution with essential functionalities where you can decide your automation rhythm. On board computer systems normally offer directly a large amount of (unnecessary) possibilities and functionalities, which often entail a higher purchase price.

Not every entrepreneur has a direct need for so many functionalities and rather prefer to go gradually. It is precisely for this reason that EasyTrack is made modular.

Because you want a solution that satisfies your needs, we distinguish the following modules within EasyTrack: Economy, Premium en Optima. By this structure, the system can easily grow with your automation and information needs.

Whatsoever module fits your business, you are always assured of a system that seamlessly can be connected. You never pay for what you don’t use. Below, you will find more information about the possibilities with EasyTrack: