EasyTrack | Fleet Management

Smart, efficient and scalable

Do you want to plan your field service as efficiently as possible and use as little fuel as possible? Or do you not have time to keep accurate mileage and time records? Do you want to optimize your service and services and know at all times where your vehicles and equipment are located? EasyTrack is a modern and user-friendly online fleet management system based on the latest technologies.

Naturally you want a solution that fits your company. This is why Rietveld developed the EasyTrack Economy and EasyTrack Economy Plus modules. You only pay for what you need. Our systems are ideally suited from one vehicle to fleets with hundreds of vehicles, vessels and equipment.

The EasyTrack platform

Targeted, user-friendly, well-organized and intuitive, that is EasyTrack's web-based software. It has no limitation in the number of connected units or users and is arranged according to the hardware used in the vehicles.

EasyTrack is your online environment where you can switch between, among other things, the map with the locations of your vehicles, the communication with your drivers, the open and executed tasks and the reporting environment.

EasyTrack Economy

With EasyTrack Economy you have insight into the following:

  • Locate vehicles and equipment
  • Detailed information about the routes driven and the visits made
  • Closing mileage administration according to the requirements of the tax authorities
  • Clear reports

EasyTrack Economy Plus

In addition to the EasyTrack Economy functionalities, EasyTrack Economy Plus includes:

  • Registration of the type of trip by using a private / business switch
  • Identification of the driver with ID button, personal code or access pass
  • Registration of external matters, such as:
    - Number of running hours
    - Sweep-mowing and / or spreading hours and routes
    - Use of acoustic and optical signals (siren and flashing light)
    - Emergency button
    - Door contact
  • Temperature registration of the cargo area (extension with temperature sensors)

EasyTrack Mobile | Always insight into your fleet, anywhere, anytime

To have an insight into the current status of your fleet anytime and anywhere, use EasyTrack Mobile, the mobile version of EasyTrack. With an Android or iOS device, you can log in to the EasyTrack platform and see the current location and activity of your vehicles or objects.

EasyTrack | Asset Management

With EasyTrack Asset Management you always know where your trailers and / or trailers, containers, aggregates, vibratory plates, pumps or other valuable objects are located. The EasyTrack Asset unit sends you an alarm message, via text message or e-mail, when material is moved outside a predefined area (Geofence) or at a fixed time interval. The unit has an internal rechargeable battery or a long-life battery, so external power is not necessary. Read more about Asset Management.

RSM | Remote Service Monitor

The Remote Service Monitor is a brand-independent online service application and alerts you when your vehicles or equipment need service & maintenance or mandatory inspections. Read more here about RSM.

Link fuel cards to the trip registration

Generate clear reports of the refueling in EasyTrack. By linking with the fuel card you have insight into the tank location, the number of liters of fuel, the amount, the average consumption and the costs per kilometer. Do you have your own tank installation? Import the tank data into EasyTrack.

Parkeer Camerasysteem

Rietveld biedt u een passend systeem voor elk mogelijk voertuig. Door gebruik te maken van draadloze camera's is er altijd een systeem dat past bij uw voertuig. De chauffeur ervaart meer overzicht en inzicht in de verkeerssituatie wat als resultaat heeft dat er veiliger gereden wordt en ook minder schades voorkomen. Lees hier verder.