EasyTemp | Realtime temperature monitoring

Monitor the temperature of your freight continuously!

Do not waste time or money on cargo that is rejected on delivery due to quality discussions. EasyTemp offers you proactive insight into the temperatures of your freight and the possibility to provide your customer directly with automated reports, this prevents discussions, claims and out-of-stock situations with your customers.
In cooperation with TCOMM Telematics, Rietveld offers you the EasyTemp solution for real-time monitoring of the temperature development in the cargo area. You can easily request and download temperature reports from all measurements via our web portal. With this you always have direct proof of correct deliveries.

  • Real-time insight
  • Temperature registration
  • Registration of door openings
  • Alarm message when the set temperature is exceeded
  • Detailed temperature reports
  • In accordance with HACCP standard
  • Tracking & Tracing

Tracking & Tracing
The vehicle recorder is equipped with GPS / GPRS technology so that you get insight in the current position, the driven route (s) and the stops of your vehicles via the EasyTrack web application. EasyTrack also offers you clear ride and visit reports.

Direct feedback to your driver

In combination with the temperature module installed on the Rietveld Efficio for Android on-board computer, the driver also gains insight into the temperature data of the cargo area.

Does your driver have a smartphone? Then install the EasyTemp Drivers App. With this, the temperature data of the cargo area is also visible to the driver via the smartphone. This Drivers-App is also installed on the Efficio for Android on-board computer with tractor-trailer and trailer combination.

Alarm notifications
The wireless temperature sensors provide real-time insight into the course of the ambient temperature of your goods during transport and send the measured values ​​to the base unit every minute. The base unit forwards the data to the server every 10 minutes. As soon as the temperature in the load space exceeds the predefined values, the system sends an alarm message via e-mail or SMS.

TCOMM Telematics

EasyTemp we offer you in cooperation with our partner TCOMM Telematics. TCOMM Telematics is a specialist in wireless measuring, recording and real-time insight into the location and condition of trailers, motor vehicles and trailers and the condition of the load.

Realtime data

Conform HACCP

Detailed reports

EasyTemp complies with the following international standards:



Nen-en 13486

Nen-en 12830

Nen 50082-1

Nen 10529

Automotive standard ETSI

300 440-2

ISO 9001


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T: +31 (0) 184 65 29 10