Everything you need for optimal fleet management

With EasyTrack van Rietveld you keep an eye on all vehicles, machines and all equipment. You can even follow an electric scooter. We also record operating hours, fuel consumption and driver identification. With EasyTrack you make the most efficient planning possible in one system.

EasyTrack | Track & Trace your vehicles and equipment

EasyTrack is your online environment where you can switch between, among other things, the map with the locations of your vehicles, the communication with your drivers, the open and executed tasks and the reporting environment. Combined with Asset Management and our Remote Service Monitor, you always and everywhere know where your vehicles or objects are and when maintenance is needed. Read more here.

EasyDrive | Fuel saving and driving style analysis

With EasyDrive you get more insight into the driving behavior of the drivers, the fuel consumption and the related CO2 emissions. Research has shown that active guidance on driving behavior can result in fuel savings of an average of 8 to 12%! (Source: TNO) Combine these results with a good Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to ensure that the tires of your vehicles function optimally and do not wear out faster and thus reduce maintenance costs. Or choose to prevent fuel card fraud by using EasyProtect. Read more about fuel management.

EasyTacho | Tachograph management

Does your organization also have problems with the effective reading and storage of driver data from the driver card? With EasyTacho from Rietveld it is possible to read your digital tachograph remotely. EasyTacho is the solution for large transport organizations, with an extensive fleet. Also as a charter or small transport company the EasyTacho is the ideal support to simplify the reading and storage of your data!

EasyWatch | Automatic salary compensation

In combination with the Efficio on-board computer, EasyWatch offers you the calculation for the salary run on the basis of the Collective Labor Agreement for the transport of goods, possibly combined with the internal company agreements. The EasyWatch internet application complements EasyTrack seamlessly.

EasyTemp | Real-time temperature monitoring of your load

EasyTemp offers you proactive insight into the temperatures of your freight and the possibility to provide your customer with automated reports directly, this prevents discussions, claims and out-of-stock situations with your customers.

EasyTax | Trip registration with a Keurmerk (KRRS)

EasyTax from TraSec (subsidiary of Rietveld) fully complies with the 'standards framework' of the tax authorities and is therefore tax-proof. EasyTax also meets the criteria of the Stichting Keurmerk RitRegistratieSytemen itself, for instance in the field of privacy and continuity assurance. In addition to comprehensive travel registration in accordance with the legal requirements of the Tax Authorities, EasyTax also offers you insight into the current position of your vehicles, the route (s) driven, hours worked and time spent by employees on location. Read more about EasyTax.

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