Parking heaters

Provide a pleasant temperature thanks to our Parking Heaters!

Statistics show that most accidents occur during the first 15 minutes of the ride in winter. The reasons for this are a limited field of view and a slower response capacity. Frozen windows are a big danger that can also be remedied by boats with a parking heater.

Affordable parking heater the Airo2 from MV Heating

The Airo2 parking heater from MV Heating is qualitatively good and affordable. The advantages of the Airo2:

  • 2 year warranty
  • Affordable
  • Boat heating
  • Heating for small vehicles

Always optimum heating on the road with Eberspächer parking heaters

The Eberspächer stand heaters are suitable for both consumers and business users, such as:

  • Trucks
  • Coaches
  • Vans
  • Special vehicles

With Webasto always well prepared for the winter!

If you choose Webasto parking heater, you know that you are buying quality. Rietveld as official Webasto dealer can inform you about the possibilities like no other.

  • Always a suitable model
  • Reliable
  • Fast delivery

The advantages of a parking heater:

In addition to the increased safety through better visibility, parking heater offers a number of advantages.

  • The systems are connected to the fuel system of your vehicle and therefore do not depend on special types of fuel in their energy supply. A special fuel tank is therefore not necessary.
  • In addition, you can expect an efficient reduction of engine wear and fuel consumption will decrease significantly in its totality.
  • As Webasto and Eberspächer dealer we supply various parking heaters for all kinds of vehicles. Passenger cars, minivans and vans are eligible, as are buses, trucks, libraries, mobile offices, flower cars, tractors, construction and agricultural machinery, etc.
  • We also deliver suitable systems for your vessels, so that you can always use your boat or yacht comfortably and with pleasure.


“During cold winter days nothing is better than the comfort a parking heater provides!”


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