EasyDrive Fuel Analysis

Save on your vehicle charges and reduce CO2-emission

B1. EasyDrive brandstof analyse Fuel and maintenance costs are a large part of the total vehicle cost and both components are strongly affected by the the driving behaviour.
On the basis of CANbus data, clear reports on fuel economy and driving style are generated through the EasyDrive module.
The driving behaviour is analysed and assessed based on the customer and vehicle-specific parameters that the scores are associated with. Using this key figures, a benchmark is created, whereby the following indicators are used:

With the EasyDrive module will give you more insight into the driving habits of drivers, fuel consumption and related CO 2 emissions . Research has shown that active accompaniment on driving can result in an average fuel saving of 8 to 12%! (Source: TNO)
In addition, active management of driving behaviour improvement, using EasyDrive, leads also to a reduction in maintenance costs.

You can choose between two options in EasyDrive:

What is the difference between Solo and EasyDrive Plus?

With EasyDrive Solo, you will already have all the information you need to send your drivers on their driving habits. With EasyDrive Plus, your drivers are, however, supplied with real time feedback. Do the scores for the indicators give your drivers while driving insight into points of improvement?