Fuel theft

Prevent and detect fuel theft with EasyDrive

B3. Brandstofdiefstal A complete insight into the fuel consumption of your fleet also includes dealing with theft thereof. You know that it happened, but do you also everything to prevent this from happening? EasyDrive offers several possibilities to detect and prevent fuel theft.


Prevent fuel pass fraud with a Vehicle Identification System

V.I.S. stands for Vehicle Identification System, such a system allows you to work within a closed fuel management system. Via a chip on your vehicle, the refuelling nozzle start refuelling only when it recognises your vehicle. This will prevent refiling vehicles that do not belong to your fleet. In addition, there is the ease of not needing any more fuel passes neither payment operations at the gas station.


Fuel theft prevention with technical implementations

Rietveld is working with its partners to supply you with mechanical fuel security systems for your vehicles.


Detect the smallest quantities of fuel theft

By continuously measuring the fuel level and its changes, it is visible via EasyDrive that fuel has been ‘consumed’ without having switched on the engine. If a driver starts his vehicle in the morning, the fuel level is then compared with the last contact time and any high deviation is shown in EasyDrive. This gives the companies the possibility to process this information and, where possible, to anticipate such action on time. An advantage of this system is that in this way also smaller amounts of theft can be noted and recorded.