Van Driel Group Oss equips coaches with the Efficio2 Coach on board computer

To reduce the administrative work in the processing of rides significantly, Van Driel Group from Oss (The Netherlands) decided to equip its buses with the Efficio2 Coach on board computer.

Through the link with Trip Software there will be less manual tasks in processing the rides. The rides are directly and digitally in a structured task sent from Trip software to the Efficio2 Coach on board computer. This gives the driver a clear view of the tasks and the work to be performed displayed on the screen of his on board computer. Then, through the automatic feedback about this, the status of the ride will be updated automatically in Trip and display 70 will be filled with the actual times and mileage.
Van Driel Group can also increase the service to the customer because the EasyTrack fleet management system gives direct insight into the current position of the vehicle coupled with the expected time of arrival (ETA) at destination. Besides that. the Efficio2 board computer is equipped with the newest Garmin navigation software, including TMC traffic information and Life-Time map updates. This means that drivers have all the tools they need to perform the best possible ride.

Automatic extraction of the digital tachograph and driver card
Manually reading out the mass memory of the digital tachograph and the driver cards is also at Van Driel Group laborious and a time consuming process. This belongs to the past of the Van Driel Group because they’ve chosen for the extra module EasyTacho.

EasyTacho makes it possible to remotely download both the driver card and the mass memory of the digital tachograph via the GPRS network. Additionally EasyTacho provides online insight into the driving time budget of the driver which even takes into account the twelve-day rule. EasyTacho also provides clear reports on any ground violations of the European legislation.

Savings on vehicle costs
As a modern bus company, Van Driel Group also will be using the EasyDrive module. Wit this CAN bus connection, relevant information on consumption of the vehicle and the driving style of the individual drivers will be provided through the onboard computer.  The driving style assistant, which is programmed on the Efficio2, gives the driver insight into his driving style. On the basis of clear reports, the management can further analyze the driving and braking habits and, where necessary, encourage their drivers to increase passenger comfort and reduce fuel and maintenance costs.


About Van Driel
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