1 July 2019

Seroma saves 6,000 liters of diesel per truck with EasyDrive per year

Seroma encountered many problems in the field of fuel management, among others due to unskilled drivers. By choosing EasyDrive from Rietveld they got a better grip on fuel consumption and it became possible to coach drivers individually to a more efficient driving style.

This yielded a nice result; within just one month, 1 truck already saved 500 liters, which results in a saving of 6,000 liters of diesel per year. The other 30 trucks are also equipped with EasyDrive and ensure that this Ugandan construction company saves considerably on fuel costs and contributes to a better environment.

About EasyDrive
Seroma measured a regular consumption of 470 liters on a regular route from Kampala to Tororo, through active use of EasyDrive they managed to reduce this to 420 liters. With EasyDrive you get more insight into the driving behavior of the drivers, the fuel consumption and the related CO2 emissions. Research has shown that active guidance on driving behavior can result in an average fuel saving of 8 to 12%! Read more here.

About Seroma Ltd
Founded in 1996, Seroma LTD was established as a private limited liability company, founded on strong Biblical principles. Seroma stands for real quality, trust and reliability with unbeatable prices, accessibility and convenience. The construction company, which transports many building materials and sand, distinguishes itself on the market by offering free transport from extensive purchases. “There is no order that is too large to deliver, regardless of destination. With our many vehicles in good condition, our customers enjoy free transportation from their extensive purchases to their desired destination from each of our locations.”