1 July 2019

Seroma saves 6,000 liters of diesel per truck with EasyDrive per year

Seroma encountered many problems in the field of fuel management, among others due to unskilled drivers. By choosing EasyDrive from Rietveld they got a better grip on fuel consumption and it became possible to coach drivers individually to a more efficient driving style.
19 February 2019

Rietveld present at the largest transport fair in Scandinavia!

From 21 to 23 March in Messecenter Herning, Denmark will host the largest transport fair in Scandinavia. Transport 2019 is an inspiring exhibition for everyone who is active locally or internationally in the transport sector. This is the place to find new vehicles, new equipment, new services and new ideas. Rietveld will also be present to show the latest on-board computers and fleet management solutions.
22 February 2016

Video: EasyTrack essential in daily operations of Van Vulpen B.V.

Van Vulpen B.V. started working with Rietveld in 2009 on vehicle tracking, this after dissatisfaction with the previous supplier. With Rietveld they intended to receive much better web-based maps and more customization with the ability to link data from the tracking system to their own system. Meanwhile, this is integrated so much, that it is unthinkable to not use EasyTrack in their daily business.
2 December 2015

Van Driel Group Oss equips coaches with the Efficio2 Coach on board computer

To reduce the administrative work in the processing of rides significantly, Van Driel Group from Oss (The Netherlands) decided to equip its buses with the Efficio2 Coach on board computer.
7 October 2015

Video: Meet & Greet region Noord-Brabant (The Netherlands)

On September 29 it was time for the Meet & Greet in the region of Noord-Brabant. Transport companies from this region were invited to discuss the use of onboard computers and reducing labor and fuel costs. Guest speakers from LogicWay and Harrewijn Fuel Management were present to convey their knowledge to the entrepreneurs.
4 September 2015

Efficio2 connected with camera system trucks

In March this year the Efficio2 board computer was launched by Rietveld which is based on the flexible Android operating system. The user friendly application can thus be flexibly  expanded with appropriate functionalities, therefore the EasyTrack system can be optimally deployed in every company.
29 May 2015

Avoid the fuel card fraud that happened to the police of Central-Netherlands

The Algemeen Dagblad reported yesterday that four men have been arrested for fuel card fraud at the police of Central Netherlands. With V.I.S. this type of fraud can be easily prevented! V.I.S. stands for Vehicle Identification System, such a system allows you to work within a closed fuel management system. Through a chip on your vehicle the fuel nozzle recognizes your vehicle, and only then it is possible to refuel.
26 May 2015

Presentation at Connekt about EasyDrive and behavioral change

On Thursday 21 March, Sander den Hertog on behalf of Rietveld presented at a meeting on behavioral change. He had the possibility to talk about how the use of EasyDrive leads to behavioral change among drivers and therefore an economical driving style is realized. The presentation of Rietveld was complemented by a presentation by Kees Harrewijn of Harrewijn Fuel Management on the additional savings that can be achieved with specific coaching.