Case studies

What are the fleet management solutions actually used for? What results can you achieve therewith? How much time does it take to implement such a system?
In short: you find yourself with a lot of questions and you are certainly not the only one. We share some case studies to give you an impression.


A. Jansen B.V.

"EasyTrack is consistent with all of our various activities in the concrete processing, therefore we can work efficiently too" Jansen B.V. has a fleet of about 170 vehicles and trailers used by approximately 300 employees. Since April 2013 they use EasyTrack (integrated with TMS) to be able to employ all these people effectively and lead all the processes in the right direction. Virgenie Jansen was part of the project to select and implement this new system.


Drenthe Tours

“With automatic time registration, we save one and a half hours on administration per day” “Rietveld was our only option actually because we have been using Trip and Rietveld is the only provider that connects to this system." Says Klaas Jan de Vries. "We started with onboard computers because we wanted to have automatic time registration. That's why we started in December 2013 with a test run with one bus and approximately three drivers. Because this went well, now almost all of our coaches are equipped with EasyTrack and EasyDrive.


Gemeente Breda

"By processing reports from the district faster, we have earned back EasyTrack in a few months." The works council of the municipality of Breda has the objective to improve the business operations of the Municipality without affecting the identity of its employees, this was also the approach in the process to purchase a fleet management system. The suggestion to implement such a system came from the fleet management department so that they could get access to more comprehensive management information, such as mileage and the use of vehicles. In addition, this would be a great improvement in efficiency at the business processes at the Waste Service department.


Municipality Noordoostpolder

“Because of the automatic trip registration of private/business usage of the vehicle, we can always provide the tax authorities with the right information.” Changes in laws and regulations concerning the tax were the Municipality Noordoostpolder their reason to go search for a trip registration system. The burden of proof lies with the employer for private use of vehicles and therefore the municipality must be able to present the trip registration.


(Nederlands) Lemm Internationaal Transport

‘Binnen 5 maanden al 4,5% besparing op brandstof dankzij EasyDrive!’
Wij spraken met André Abbo, directeur van LEMM Internationaal Transport over het belang van accurate ritregistratie, automatisch verlonen en brandstofbesparing. 


PAX Bouw- en industrieservice

“Met EasyDrive hebben wij inzicht in ons brandstofverbruik en dat is de beste start om te gaan besparen.” Het wagenpark van Pax Bouw- en Industrieservice Heerenveen was uitgerust met voertuigvolgsystemen, maar in 2012 werden deze systemen niet langer meer ondersteund door de leverancier en moest Pax op zoek naar een andere oplossing.


SnelleVliet Touringcars

“Because of the link with Trip, we can make accurate recalculations automatically and invoice directly“ SnelleVliet Touringcars is a customer of Rietveld since April 2014. About 30 vehicles are connected to Easytrack with the driving style assistant EasyDrive and EasyTacho for the remote downloading of tachograph data. There is also a link with Trip Software which was the main motivation for SnelleVliet to choose Rietveld, according to Ruud van der Marel, the director of SnelleVliet.


Van Vulpen

“With EasyDrive we’ve already reduced our fuel consumption by 8%” Van Vulpen B.V. from Gorinchem (The Netherlands) has, as a contractor in the construction of cables and pipes for gas, water and electricity, more than 100 larger machines and about 160 vehicles, the majority are vans. The company consumes at least a million liters of fuel on an annual basis and causes thus also the necessary CO2 emissions.


(Nederlands) Veiligheidsregio Zeeland

Veiligheidsregio Zeeland was op zoek naar een systeem wat ondersteunt tijdens spoedritten en operationele informatie vertaalt naar praktische ondersteuning voor haar brandweereenheden. Wij spraken met Remco Duerink en Peter de Kraker van Veiligheidsregio Zeeland.


Wigchers Internationaal Transport

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