Camera Systems for Coaches and Buses

Safe maneuvering with your bus or coach

Safety and comfort for both drivers and passengers are important principles in passenger transport. That is why it is advisable to invest in useful tools, such as Camera Systems and Blind Spot Assistants. At Rietveld, we have many years of experience in installing and installing these systems on city buses and coaches. Our experts are therefore happy to think along with you about the possibilities for your fleet.

Safe maneuvering with a reversing camera

No more damage when reversing. Rietveld's camera systems give the driver a full view of what is happening behind him. This system can be expanded with a corner view so that the side is also included.

Rietveld offers various reversing cameras, both wired and wireless. These are available in different widths between 40 and 160 degrees.

Side cameras

Get a view of the blind spot and side with a camera. Rietveld offers you various solutions that can be connected to the Efficio Coach on-board computer or to a separate monitor. For specific wishes, please contact our specialist.

Corner Eye Cameras

CornerEye is approved as a camera & monitor system to replace curb and front view mirrors. The camera mirror increases road safety and helps the driver, so that accidents & damage or unnecessary standing still can be avoided. This combined with better aerodynamics ensures fuel savings.

The mirrors are replaced by a High Definition camera that projects the image in real time on a digital monitor.

Advantages of this system are:

  • Always razor-sharp image, even in the dark
  • Safer due to a larger field of view in class V and VI
  • Cost-effective due to lower weight and better aerodynamics

Compact Dash cams

GARMIN's compact dashcams are perfect for capturing video without being in the driver's field of view. Because details are important, the built-in GPS records when and where events take place. Driver alerts keep the driver alert and provide that little bit of extra environmental information.

Camera system directly integrated on the Efficio Coach On-board computer

Depending on your wishes, a camera system can be integrated directly on the Efficio Coach on-board computer. Our experts are happy to advise you on this.

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