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27 January 2021

Video K. Overdevest Transport uit Oud Gastel

Eind vorig jaar spraken wij met Bart Overdevest van K. Overdevest Transport uit Oud Gastel over de groei van het bedrijf naar een nieuwe locatie en de bijdrage van de Efficio boordcomputer en andere oplossingen van Rietveld aan hun route naar rendement.

Rietveld | On-Board Computers and Fleet Management

In a sector that depends on your speed and flexibility 24 hours a day, you need to be able to communicate quickly and effectively with your vehicles.

This is exactly where Rietveld provides added value; added value that is guaranteed by our years of experience. Our solutions and services are fully geared towards increasing your enterprise’s efficiency, regardless the field in which you operate.

The secret behind Rietveld’s success is a combination of cooperating closely with our customers and a no-nonsense approach. We look forward to working with you and your enterprise!

The strength of Rietveld

25 years of experience with Fleet Management
No-nonsense culture
Always a tailor-made solution
Short communication lines
Specialized in Tachograph Management
All disciplines in-house

Products and Solutions

The developments in the telematics sector are very fast. Whether it's tracking & tracing or a fully integrated On-board computer: processes must be faster and more efficient. We have deepened and developed all possibilities with fleet management in recent years, you will find an overview of this on this website.

In addition, we have built up expertise in the field of fuel management. We are convinced that much can be saved by proactively stimulating good driving behavior and monitoring fuel consumption.


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