EasyTacho Tachograph management

Digitaal remote tachograph management

A3. Tachograaf management EasyTacho
You are legally obliged to download the data of the digital tachograph once every 28 days from the driver’s ID card and once every 90 days from the mass memory in accordance with the retention obligation to archive for the duration of 24 months. Manually reading cost time and money. EasyTacho helps your organisation to significantly simplify this process and thereby to save money and time.


Reading the tachograph and the driver ID card at your desk

With EasyTacho Remote download, you can read just from behind your desk your digital tachographs and driver cards. At any time you can download this data via the internet. The driver do not need to carry our any proceedings or interrupt his journey. Reading is also possible while driving.

EasyTacho offers you a lot more

Control of the compliance with the drivers working hours are more intensive and the fines can be very high. With EasyTacho Complete and by using the internet, you receive at a glance the current data from your drivers and vehicles, such as the current position and the driving time budget. You will also be alerted on (the threatening) violations in a timely manner so that you can react accordingly.

EasyTacho Complete helps you genuinely avoid fines.